The Monster Who Ate Australia 

 The Monster Who Ate Australia

by Michael Salmon


Meet Burra the boggabri. Sensitive and shy, he lives in a secret cave at the back of Uluru. Noisy tourists disturb his peaceful life, driving him out onto the road in search of a new home. During his travels around the countryside, Burra meets – and eats! – many famous Australian icons, creating havoc wherever he goes.

The Monster Who Ate Australia has been entertaining young Australian readers, helping teachers with their geography classes and aiding school projects for three decades, and has recently inspired a musical. Now it’s back, bigger and bolder than ever!


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9781925000542 (hardcover)
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Publication date:
August 1st 2014
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Landscape picture book 270 x 225mm
$19.95 (hardcover)
$12.95 (paperback)
Category: juvenile fiction
Age guide: 5 –9 year olds

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About the Author 

Michael Salmon has written and illustrated over 80 children's books, nearly all of which have been published overseas and translated into other languages. His books are enormously popular and frequently appear in children's choice awards. Michael is also the creator of Alexander Bunyip, who featured in a long-running ABC television series, and has designed sets and costumes for many theatre productions. Michael visits hundreds of schools each year: cartooning, talking and generally motivating children to develop their artistic talents.

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