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Pretty Girls Don't Eat

by Winnie Salamon

Sixteen-year-old Winter Mae Jones knows exactly what she wants. A career in fashion design. There’s only one thing standing in her way. She’s fat. And fat girls don’t work in the fashion industry.


So Winter decides to take matters into her own hands. She goes on a diet, which at first makes her feel fab and in control. It’s only when things get out of hand that she comes to realise that, not only has she less control than she thought, but also that her weight has nothing to do with what’s holding her back.

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ISBN: 9781925272772

Publication date: July 2017

Extent: 208 pages    

Format: B format paperback

Price: AUD$17.95

Category: Contemporary fiction

Age guide: 13+


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About the Author

Winnie Salamon began her writing career as a journalist, writing everything from opinion pieces to celebrity gossip for magazines and newspapers including Marie Claire, The SMH, The Age and NW where she was once berated by a famous person for asking a shall-not-be named US singer about her celebrity cat-fight. She is the author Facetime, a cult novel that explored geek culture and Internet dating. These days she writes, sews and teaches university students about writing and media. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, two kids, a greyhound, a duck and a couple of geriatric chickens.

Winnie Salamon