About Our List

Here at Ford Street, we specialise in books for children and young adults. As such, our efforts are focused both on novels and fiction for older readers and picture book publishing. Australian readers are diverse, and our stories cover a wide range of themes to suit anyone, from a reluctant reader who’d usually rather be playing sport than curled up with a book, to the most voracious bookworm with tastes refined beyond their years.

Wise heads know that we are one of the best Australian picture book publishers. We publish Australian picture books for an older audience, such as Gary Crew’s fascinating tale In the Beech Forest, as well as publishing picture books for little Aussie anklebiters, like Katrina Germain’s Great Goal! Marvellous Mark! and Adam Wallace’s Spark. Like Spark, many of the Australian picture books we publish cover topical issues within our country, such as refugees and immigration, social expectations and gender roles, and depression, to name a few, in a way that is relevant and fun for kids.

Our publishing efforts for younger readers includes chapter books as well as picture books. Within Australia, science fiction books written for younger audiences can be hard to find, as can be Australian fantasy book publishers who cater to the budding fantasy buff. Ford Street has you covered here, with books like Craig Cormick’s adorably spooky Valdur the Viking and the Ghostly Goths and Paul Collins and Sean McMullen’s Warlock’s Child series of fantasy books. The Australian publishing industry offers a great variety of stories, and we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of high quality stories from all genres. Aside from our great Australian science fiction and fantasy books, we also publish some excellent chapter books for younger readers, such as Adam Wallace’s zany Jamie Brown is NOT Rich.

Our great novels and fiction for middle readers include Justin D’ath’s thrilling Three, Michael Hyde’s poignant Footy Dreaming, and Isobelle Carmody’s haunting fable Greylands. As mentioned previously, we also publish some truly beautiful Australian picture books for this age group, such as Andrew Plant’s The Poppy.

Tweens and young adults will find plenty to love in our books for older readers. Recent titles for young adults include Paper Cranes Don’t Fly by Peter Vu, Pretty Girls Don’t Eat by Winnie Salamon, and Isobelle Carmody’s Alyzon Whitestarr.

As well as our fiction, novels, and picture books, Ford Street has had great success with our three anthologies, Trust Me, Trust Me Too, and Rich & Rare. Each of these anthologies offers an overview of some of the best children’s authors currently writing in Australia, including Shaun Tan, Leigh Hobbs, Sofie Laguna, Andy Griffiths, Marc McBride, Justin D’Ath, Meredith Costain, Isobelle Carmody, and many more. Stories cover a multitude of genres, which they are sorted by for the convenience of readers, and include Australian science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, mystery and suspense, art pieces, poetry, realism, contemporary, among others.

Our titles are available both in print and online, published as eBooks. Our Australian children’s books can be purchased through our website or at all good Australian bookshops. Many of our books are also published as eBooks for Australian children and young adults, which can be found at Kindle, iTunes, Overdrive, Baen Books, Google, Smashwords, Read How You Want, Wheelers (NZ), and Bolinda Digital.