Tiger Terror

Tiger Terror!

by JE Fison


Tigers are on the verge of extinction. Everyone knows that. So why does Jack Wilde think he’s seen a tiger paw in a medicine shop in Chinatown?

To find out the truth Jack and his friends must become junior spies. But they soon realise that their mission is anything but child’s play.

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ISBN: 9781921665134
Publication date: March 2011
Extent: 92 pages
Format: B Format paperback
Price: AUD$12.95
Category: Adventure Fiction
Age guide: 9+

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About the Author

Julie Fison grew up in Brisbane exploring her local creeks and the islands around Moreton Bay, harbouring an ambition to be a zoologist. Instead she became a television news reporter, working  in Australia, Asia and Europe, covering stories of all sizes and significance – shaking hands with heads of state one week and orange utans the next.

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