Riggs Crossing

Riggs Crossing

by Michelle Heeter

A girl is found in the wreckage of a car crash. Severely injured and psychologically damaged, the girl cannot or will not tell the authorities who she is or where she comes from. Her carers call her ‘Len’, after the name embroidered on the jumper she was wearing when she was found.

Secretive, intelligent, and abrasive, Len is moved to a children’s shelter. Slowly, Len’s repressed memories fight their way to the surface of her troubled mind. And an evil figure from her shadowy past comes looking for her.

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ISBN: 9781921665707
Publication date: September 2012
Extent: Approx 360 pages
Format: Trade paperback
Price: AUD $19.95
Category: paperback
Age guide: YA



About the Author

Michelle has a master’s degree in English. She works as a technical writer and has sold many short stories to women’s magazines. Riggs Crossing is her first novel.

Michelle talks to teenagers and adults about making a career out of writing, writing for different genres, and how to overcome “writer’s block”.

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