Welcome Home

Welcome Home

by Christina Booth

Welcome Home is the story of a young boy and a whale as she swims
into the river harbour seeking safety and a resolution to the violent past
relationship between whales and man. This prosaic journey, accompanied
with soft sketchy watercolour images, reveals how the past can impact our
future. Can the boy make amends for the past? Can the whale forgive and
return to what was once her ancestor’s home?
Whaling is a horrific image to portray in any literature yet this story offers
its history and consequences to children and adults in a gentle, safe way.
This story does not avoid the facts but ends with hope and reconciliation,
using history to show the consequences of our actions and choices.

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$16.95 (paperback)

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ISBN: 9781925000092 (paperback) 9781925000085 (hardcover)
Publication date: 1 Oct 2013 (hardcover), 1 Feb 2014 (paperback)
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Portrait picture book
Price: $26.95 (hardcover) $16.95 (paperback)
Category: Fiction
Age guide: 7+


About the Author

Christina grew up in Tasmania, Australia, mostly on the beach or at her parents' home with wombats and echidnas digging holes in the yard. Trained as a teacher, Christina is also a landscape artist. She started her publishing career as an illustrator to great writers such as Colin Thiele, Max Fatchen and Christobel Mattingley. In 2007 Christina’s first picture Book, Purinina, A Devil’s Tale (Lothian Hachette) was published.  She illustrates her own books and great stories for other authors. A number of her books have won awards.

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 Teacher's Notes

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  • The Wilderness Society Award
  • Shortlisted for the Crystal Kite Award (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators award)