I Wish My Mum was an Octupus

I Wish My Mum Was An Octopus

by Shona Revie Keenan, illustrated by Lee Burgemeestre

Shona Keenan’s son Lachlan at age four said exactly how she felt – there was not enough of her to go around. What amazed her was that he gave the tentacles to the phone, kitchen, laundry ,work, siblings etc, first. And tentacle eight just wanted he and her to be together. This Book explains why we may not be with our children as much as we may wish, but also provides some humour into the extremely busy life of a mother. From one child to another. From one mother to another.

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Publication date:
May 2014
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Picture book
Category: Fiction
Age guide: 4 – 6

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Lee Burgemeestre

 About the Illustrator

Lee Burgemeestre has always had a passion for children's books and illustrated a couple before pursuing a career as a graphic designer. She has over 30 years experience in design studios, lecturing and post-production and wrote her masters thesis on cultural colour meanings. She is now illustrating children's books again.