Voyage to Morticas

Voyage to Morticas

by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen

Although Dantar is able to shapeshift into dragon form, he still thinks like a rebellious teenager. His sister Velza has been given the ultimate gift by the dragons of Dracondas - the mind of a dragon. Now they must combine their gifts to stop the most powerful warlock of all time from casting his doomsday spell.


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ISBN: 978-1-925000-96-2
Publication date: August 2015
Extent: 95 pages
Format: B Format paperback
Price: AUD$12.95
Category: Fantasy
Age guide: 10+

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About the Authors

Paul Collins 

Paul Collins is the author of 140 books, including fantasy series The Jelindel Chronicles, The Quentaris Chronicles and The World of Grrym (in collaboration with Danny Willis).

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Sean McMullen 

Sean McMullen is the author of over a hundred fantasy and science fiction novels and stories including Souls in the Great Machine and Voyage of the Shadowmoon. He was runner up for the Hugo Award in 2011.

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