Goblin Mafia cover 2

Goblin Mafia Wars

By DC Green

I’m PT, a 16-year-old human king of Monstro City. I suck.
Everyone wants me dead – except my Dead Gang monster
mates. And our quests have only just begun:
• Escape the Dead Zone (without being eaten)!
• Find the lost eggs of the world’s last dragon!
• Prevent a goblin mafia war!
• Oh, and save the world!

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Publication date:
April 2016
Extent: 291 pages
Format: B format paperback
Category: Fantasy
Age guide: 10+



DC Green

 About the Author

Every year, DC Green performs the world’s worst rap before
10,000-plus children around Australia. The author of the
Erasmus James series and Three Little Surfer Pigs, DC has also
written over 2,000 articles in 40 countries, jumped on Susie
Eleman’s lounge on national TV, been praised on Roy and HG’s
‘This Sporting Life’ and (in his former life as an award-winning
surf journalist) thrashed Kelly Slater in a game of pool.