Time Warper Front 450

Time Warper

by Cheree Peters

The time catcher is on the run. After discovering that she is a Variant, Thea and her friends must continue their escape from the Cardiff armament.

What awaits in the woods and beyond is only the beginning of Thea’s worries. Her memories continue to return,leaving her with questions she doesn’t know if she wants the answer to.

With her Ability growing stronger, will Thea be able to protect her friends and family from the old enemy in the south along with the new threat from the north?

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ISBN: 978-1-925736-05-2
Publication date: July 1, 2018
Extent: 320 pages
Format: B format paperback
Price: AUD $19.95
Category: Dystopian fiction
Age guide: 12+


 Photo of author Cheree Peters

About the Author

Ever since her cousin introduced her to the world of reading
when she was ten, Cheree hasn’t been without a book to read.
With stories and ideas always in her head, she decided to
pursue her passion with a degree in creative writing. A love of
sport has kept her busy in between her writing frenzies.

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