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Blue Moon

By Tricia Oktober

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Cat kneads and treads, weaving a dream mat. All cats make them . . . to sleep on and to dream. Each blue moon, cats come together in a fabulous dream that lasts until dawn. Follow Cat’s adventures in the fantastical garden and see if you can spot the famous cats, fishbone ferns, the pussy willows and tiger lilies. And could that be a meerkat tangled up with Cat’s dreams?

Cover designed by Grant Gittus.

1 review for Blue Moon

  1. Emily Meldrum

    For something to occur in a “blue” moon it is something very special indeed. For Cat, at the centre of this story, it is the time when her fellow felines come together to share a dream that lasts all night long. It is a magical and extravagant event that is able to be as wild or eccentric as her dreams permit. It is all about Cat’s favourite smells, the gardens and places she loves to visit, it is about the famous cats she wants to meet and the things she would do if her imaginings could come true.
    As with all the best illustrations Oktober has supported the story with a beautiful collection of artworks that complement the story but then add that extra level of storytelling all on their own. The reader follows Cat meet many of her idols including Cat in a Hat, Puss in Boots, Hey Diddle Diddle’s cat with a fiddle, the Cheshire Cat plus many more. The impossible becomes possible for Cat as she rides a sea horse and crowns herself queen. At each point in Cat’s journey a meerkat is seen searching – is he lost or just trying to find his way? Perhaps he is Cat’s visual contrast, a serious soul who is not enjoying his journey merely worrying about where they are going to next.
    Our dreams are powerful influencers of our lives and inspire and rejuvenate us in daily living. If your night imaginations were able to define what you did each day what would it say about you? Oktober’s book Blue Moon was gentle and thought-provoking. It is recommended for school aged readers and above.

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