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By Paul Collins

Book 2 in The Jelindel Chronicles


Five pentagram gems. Two people want them. Only one can have them.

‘Anyone who has read Dragonlinks will recognise Paul Collins as a writer who truly understands the power of high fantasy. It is the power to tease the imagination with worlds so exotic, yet so seemingly familiar, that we allow ourselves to recognise within them the best and worst that we can be. From the opening battle with the deadmoon warriors to the final confrontation with the Preceptor’s fearsome legions, through the wonders and dangers of paraworlds, the Countess Jelindel, scholar, Adept and fighter, must call upon all her power, intelligence and courage and trust in the loyalty of friends to restore balance. Share the journey on the Dragonfang. The ride is exhilarating!’ – Brian Caswell.

Cover designed by Grant Gittus.

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