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Found You!

By Mardi Davies

(2 customer reviews)


‘Ready or not, here I come!’

The backyard is bursting with places to play hide-and-seek.

Florence Moon is seeking and Trevor is hiding. Terribly. Every time. Is Trevor good at anything? Florence thinks she has the answer.

2 reviews for Found You!

  1. Robyn Donoghue

    Written and illustrated by Mardi Davies, Found You! is a vibrant picture book centred around Florence Moon who is at play in her backyard. The rich illustrations and framing techniques, draw you into Florence’s world encouraging you to see the backyard as a series of opportunities as she discovers a hide-and-seek wonderland. Throughout the story she is shadowed by her dog Trevor who along with the chickens joins her at play.

    Florence does the seeking while Trevor hides. Terribly. This causes endless frustration as she shouts out the inevitable ‘Found You!’. Here we begin to witness the way a child naturally uses creative and lateral thinking strategies to solve problems. Florence at first sees Trevor as the problem, so attempts to educate him in the finer points of hiding using camouflage and disguise. It is only when Florence Moon calls time out that she begins to fully understand Trevor’s nature. At first rejecting it in annoyance, but eventually forgiving and ultimately embracing this new knowledge, as she casts Trevor in the new role of seeker.

    Mardi Davies’s years working as an artist for Walt Disney Animation Australia is evident throughout the book. Utilising storyboarding and framing techniques we are drawn into the mind of Florence Moon as she flits from one focus to another.

    Capturing the malleability of a child’s thought patterns, Davies juxtaposes exquisite detail of a garden tap alongside the vague outline of a chicken. We see how intense focus on one thing can lead to Florence missing obvious details in another. Her mastery of visual narrative allows you to experience these thought processes. Framing an object within a scene draws your complete focus for a moment, then encourages you to look around for the next possible solution.

    This is a wonderful debut picture book from Mardi Davies, illustrating a child’s world full of wonder, friendship and joy.

  2. Emily Meldrum

    Florence Moon has no one to play with except her dog Trevor. She chooses the long-term favourite childhood game of hide-and-seek in the garden. Florence counts and Trevor hides. The problem is that Trevor is absolutely terrible at hiding. Florence Moon finds him in all sorts of obvious spots – lying on top of the dog kennel and hanging from the clean underwear on the washing line …
    Florence Moon decides to explain the theory of the game, so patiently details to Trevor the art of camouflage and disguise and their importance. Unfortunately the result is only marginally better and in despair Florence Moon seeks some time alone. This time a new problem arises … Trevor will not leave her alone. It seems where ever she goes Trevor has to come with her and even when the alone-spaces she chooses are super-tricky Trevor turns up! That is when it occurs to Florence Moon that perhaps a new look at her original game may be the best idea!
    Found You! is a fun look at a game we have all played! The story is simple and appealing to a wide range of children from the very young upwards. It is illustrated with lively drawings of Florence Moon and Trevor in all their quirky and clever hiding places. The household chooks appear in most illustrations adding to the storytelling and the garden fun between the characters. Trevor really appears to be the most lovable family pet! Found You! is a wonderful first book from the author/illustrator Mardi Davies.

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