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For Group Hug!: A Collective Noun Safari

Group Hug!: A Collective Noun Safari

By Andy Fackrell

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Come on safari around the world with Wilbur, an animal-loving city kid, and his BAFs (best animal friends) as he discovers the wonder of animal collective nouns.

A joyful ode to biodiversity, this epic tale is lavishly illustrated and playfully written; each page an explosion of colour and rhyme. Perfect for budding Attenboroughs and Goodalls, this educational book lyricises not only the majesty of animals in the wild, but the quirks of the English language.

This book supports The Lion’s Share, a fund backed by the United Nation’s Development Programme – its mentor David Attenborough –and its work protecting our most vulnerable wildlife groups.

About Group Hug!: A Collective Noun Safari

  • Educates children on environmental issues.
  • Each page is a lavishly illustrated work of art.
  • The definitive kids book on collective nouns.
  • Information overload for hungry animal-loving minds.
  • Supported by the UNDP, and sold in the UN Bookstore in New York.
  • Publication date:1 April 2022
  • Extent:40
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , Primary school

1 review for Group Hug!: A Collective Noun Safari

  1. Anna-Rose Kirchner

    Have you ever wondered what a group of flamingos are called? hippopotamuses? Possums? ‘Group Hug!’ introduces you to all your animal collective noun needs!

    Follow Wilbur, an inquisitive young boy, as he safaris through the zoo learning about the different creatures that live there. Along the way, you will be introduced to the fun and sometimes wacky collective nouns these animal groups use. For example, did you know that a group of geese are called a gaggle? But only when they’re on land!

    Come and explore with Wilbur and see just how rich and diverse nature (and grammar) truly is.

    In ‘Group Hug!’ Andy Fackrell has cleverly produced a book which is not only colourful, fun and witty, but which also lends itself as an educational tool for young readers. If you know someone who struggles with grammar and collective nouns, look no further! ‘Group Hug!’ is here and ready to inspire and educate today’s young minds. There is even an end-page activity to keep those brain-cogs turning and your children learning.

    Snatch up a copy today!

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