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The Iron Claw

By Paul Collins & Sean McMullen

Book 3 in The Warlock's Child

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Not since Garth Nix and Sean Williams joined forces has there been such a great collaboration!

The warlock Calbaras wants to revive the ancient, forbidden magic of dragons, and his son Dantar is vital to his plans. Dantar is on the run in an enemy kingdom, unaware that he is so important. Worse, his sister Velza is now working for the enemy king.

Cover designed by Grant Gittus.

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1 review for The Iron Claw

  1. Emily Meldrum

    When the three dragons appear over the city of Teliz they make it very clear that they are angry. Evidence has been found that humans were once again using forbidden magic – permitted to dragons only. It is easy to imagine that angry dragons cannot be ignored and this story begins with the king doing what he can to appease the fierce beasts above while ensuring his own plans are not compromised.
    As offspring of the wicked warlock Calbaras, Velza and her brother Dantar are intricately entwined in the story despite their differing perspectives. Velza, known as ‘The Iron Claw’ behind her back, is seeking her father to expose his plans for forbidden magic but Dantar is heading in other directions – with a talking rat!
    While each chapter in the book takes on the perspective of either Velza or Dantar, the dragons also have their turn in allowing the readers to see the plot from their point of view. The reader knows that while they want to stop humans using forbidden magic they also seek a dragon chick, and even though they sense the youngster from time to time they have yet to identify its whereabouts . . . but the reader is beginning to know!
    This six-part fantasy series known collectively as ‘The Warlock’s Child’ is easy to read and compelling. It would suit readers aged eight upwards. For fantasy fans all the major elements are covered – dragons, warlocks, magic, good versus evil and mystery. I recommend that readers begin the series in order and beg their local library for each newly released component as available.

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