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The New Dog

By Chris McKimmie

(2 customer reviews)


My name is Kiddo.

I live in the city now. I like it here.

Teddy left me his big water bowl. Two futons. Two couches. A king size bed. My new owners love me. I get cuddles every morning.

I am the new dog.

  • Publication date:1 May 2022
  • Extent:32
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , 4+

2 reviews for The New Dog

  1. Anna-Rose Kirchner

    Meet Kiddo, the new dog on the block. Kiddo loves his seven stuffed lobster toys, digging in the backyard and eating books – which is probably why he is so smart!

    Kiddo is the quirky, goofy, sweet pup we all need in our lives! He will make you smile from ear to ear when he gets into mischief. But how could anyone stay mad him when everything Kiddo does, he does out of love?

    Chris McKimmie, author of CBCA’s 2020 Book of the Year Award for ‘I NEED a Parrot’, tackles the themes of grief and change with humble honesty in ‘The New Dog’. After the loss of their beloved pet, Teddy, a family adopts Kiddo the dog. Change is difficult, especially in the wake of loss. But what ‘The New Dog’ shows us is that being open to change, and being open to love again, is what makes all the difference in the long run.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The New Dog’, and highly recommend picking up this warm, fuzzy hug of a book today!

  2. Kody Cook

    The New Dog is written from the perspective of Kiddo, the new dog. Accompanied by striking and quirky illustrations by Chris McKimmie, Kiddo narrates what life is like with his new family. He describes his everyday activities, ranging from eating books, cushions, paper, bread, plastic (anything really), to dressing up as an elephant.

    A delightful children’s book. Readers young and old are sure to find joy in Kiddo’s antics, goofy expressions and humorously genuine, doggy perspective.

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