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By Paul Collins

Book 4 in The Jelindel Chronicles


A sorceress. A swordsman. A thieving larrikin. A deadliest foe, the omnipotent Wardragon.

Wardragon is the culmination of The Jelindel Chronicles in a soaring saga. Finally Jelindel, with her allies, Zimak and Daretor, has tracked the alien mailshirt across two radically different worlds. But the journey is perilous when each step is lined with flying beasts, metal wasps, mercenaries and assassins . . . and the mailshirt linked up with the evil Preceptor to create a deadly enemy. All Jelindel has is a little magic, Zimak’s wit and Daretor’s sword to scrape through and that is not enough. Collins captures a terrifying, tense world with a touch of humour and holds it to the last shattering battle. – Allan Baillie

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