Gamers' Rebellion

Gamers' Rebellion

by George Ivanoff

Tark and Zyra finally make it out into the real world ... but
things are not quite what they expected. When Zyra is
captured by the Designers, Tark finds himself among a group
of teenage rebels. It seems like everyone has an agenda,
and Tark and Zyra are to be the pawns in other people’s
power games. They soon discover the sinister uses to which
the game is being put and the shocking way it is all operated
— with dozens of kidnapped children wired directly into the
mainframe, their brains keeping the whole thing going. Will
Tark and Zyra be able to free these children? Will they be
able to save the characters within the game from the people
who created them? Will they even be able to remain in the
real world? Or will the Designers’ plans for world domination
win out?

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ISBN: 978-1-921665-97-4
Publication date: June 2013
Extent: 246 pages
Format: Portrait
Price: AUD $16.95
Format: B format paperback
Age guide: 11+

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About the Author

George Ivanoff is an author and stay-at-home dad, living in Melbourne. He is best know for his Gamers books – teen novels set within a computer game world. The first in the series, Gamers’ Quest, won a 2010 Chronos Award and is on the reading lists for both the Vic and NSW Premiers Reading Challenges. He also has two other books (Life, Death and Detention and Real Sci-Fi) on the reading list for Vic Premier’s Reading Challenge. George has written over 50 books for the education market, as well as many stories for magazines and anthologies. His latest novel is Gamers’ Challenge.

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