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Submit your manuscript to Ford Street

Submissions are now open.

Authors and illustrators submitting their work are advised to study the sort of books we publish. A hint: children’s through to YA only!

When submitting manuscripts/portfolios to us, ensure you enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and an email address if you would like either a response or your manuscript returned (should it not meet our current needs). Submissions must include an email address.

We only read printed manuscripts – emailed submissions will not be read. We prefer the entire manuscript – outlines are not required.

Please do not submit books that have already been published, either in print or online.

We only publish Australian authors and illustrators.

If you have an agent please do not submit to Ford Street. Your agent should submit on your behalf.

YA novels should be around the 50,000+ word length. Graphic novels are the only exception. We’re especially keen to see humorous or contemporary YA manuscripts.

We’re fine with multiple-submitted manuscript submissions, but please let us know if you’ve found a suitable publisher before hearing back from us.

Allow up to three months for a response. Please note that we do not discuss manuscript submissions over the phone, nor will we enter into correspondence if a manuscript is declined.

Manuscripts should be addressed to:

Abigail Cini or Stella Black, Editorial
Ford Street Publishing
162 Hoddle Street
Abbotsford, VIC 3067

Manuscript Assessment Service

We also have an assessment service. Email paul@fordstreetpublishing.com with a description of your manuscript (picture book, middle reader or young adult) and the word length and we will give you a quote.

Assessments usually take a week or so. They will give feedback as to how to improve your manuscript.
We also give you a 32-page picture book template if needed along with a list of Australian publishers who might be open to submissions.