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Greg Holfeld

About the illustrator

Greg Holfeld began his career in his native Canada, working up the ladder on various television animation projects in studios from Vancouver to Montreal.

A crazy-brave stab at a Tokyo manga career 25 years ago led to animating in London and eventually residing in Adelaide, South Australia. (It’s a long story involving a pretty girl with a charming accent.)

In Australia he continued to work in the animation industry, supplying animation for shows such as “Ren and Stimpy”, and directing award-winning commercials for noted production houses Anifex, People’s Republic of Animation, and Acmefilmworks. His short films have screened and pulled awards in numerous international festivals and include ‘Barflies‘, ‘Get in the Car‘, ‘Love Stinks‘ and ‘Sumo Lake‘.

Greg began illustrating children’s books in 2001 and is now credited with over 35 titles.

Books contributed to by Greg Holfeld