Dance Bilby Dance 450

Dance, Bilby Dance

by Tricia Oktober

Bilby wishes he could dance. Everyone around him bounces, whirls and prances.
They’re having so much fun!
Can Bilby learn to dance too?

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ISBN:  9781925272130 HC, 9781925272147 PB
Publication date: March 1 2016 HC, July 1 2016 PB
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Portrait, 220mm x 295mm
Price: AUD$14.95 PB, AUD$22.95 HC
Category: Fiction
Age guide: 5+

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About the Illustrator


A children's book illustrator, Tricia Oktober is renowned for her drawings of Australian flora and fauna. Her books have depicted bush, forest, reef and wetland environments. A Dictionary of Women Artists of Australia (1991) edited by Max Germaine describes her as a 'Surrealist painter, self-taught.' In the 1970s she exhibited in Australia, Canada and France. Tricia lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW.