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  • Louise Hogan

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    Louise Hogan is best known for When a Goose Meets a Moose and Apples for Hurricane Street, which was shortlisted for the Australian Children’s Book of the Year Award. Although she graduated from the National..

  • Robyn Ridgeway

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    Robyn Ridgeway’s ancestry is from the NSW North coast. Her mother was a Thungutti woman, her father a Worimi man. She worked at Tranby Aboriginal College, teaching Aboriginal Studies before moving to TAFE where she..

  • Isolde Martyn

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    Historian and novelist Isolde Martyn researched nearly every town in Australia for the bicentenary volume Events and Places and enjoyed being the editor of The Reader’s Digest Motoring Guide to Australia. She is also the..

  • Seantelle Walsh

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    Seantelle Walsh is a contemporary Noongar artist, born and raised in Boorloo, Perth (Whadjuk Country). Through her mother, Seantelle is connected to the Perenjori Balardong area and the Wilman Tribe from Gnaala Kala Boodja region...

  • Jacinta Daniher

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    Jacinta Daniher is an early childhood educator. Taylor Hampton and Jacinta Daniher established Birrang Cultural Connections in 2019 to offer cultural workshops with the vision to provide children and young people the knowledge of the..

  • Taylor Hampton

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    Taylor Hampton is a proud Ngiyampaa/Wiradjuri man who has a passion for educating young people about Aboriginal Culture. Taylor Hampton and Jacinta Daniher established Birrang Cultural Connections in 2019 to offer cultural workshops with the..

  • Ross Morgan

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    Ross Morgan is an award-winning fine artist and illustrator with a genuine interest in stories that explore sensitive, heartfelt topics and emotive characters. His background as an exhibition artist, portrait painter and surrealist have given..

  • Catherine Bauer

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    Catherine Bauer is a South Australian-born journalist and communications specialist and awarded children’s writer. Catherine Bauer grew up in Adelaide, where she lives with her three sons and three cats. When not working full-time as..

  • Rachel Gregg

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    Rachel Gregg is an emerging illustrator based in Exeter, NSW. She works predominantly in pencil and watercolour, and is inspired by wild places and animals of every kind. Rachel was the recipient of the 2019..

  • Naomi Woodward

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    Naomi Woodward has worked extensively in the Australian Arts, Education and Bookselling industry, spending time professionally employed as a Script Writer and Performer in Theatre Education around Australia. When she isn’t writing or reading, she..