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Celia and Nonna

By Victoria Lane & Kayleen West

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Celia loves sleepovers at her grandmother’s house. There are so many fun things to do. But everything changes when Celia’s grandmother moves to a new home. Clever Celia decides to help make the move easier – with delightful results!

Celia and Nonna is a heartwarming picture book about the special bond between children and grandparents– and what happens when life changes. Grandparents ageing is a universal experience, yet it is rarely told in picture book form. In this story, young Celia finds a delightful and positive way to navigate this confusing time.

1 review for Celia and Nonna

  1. Robyn Donoghue

    Celia and Nonna is an uplifting picture book tenderly written by Victoria Lane and warmly illustrated by Kayleen West. It tells the story of the special bond that exists between Celia and her grandmother Nonna. Celia’s visits to Nonna’s house are filled with warm, cuddly moments full of magic and joy. Nonna’s home is full of delicious smells, as they bake together. Celia has her own special cupboard at Nonna’s house full of secrets and all her favourite things, such as felts and colouring books. Bedtime is particularly special as Nonna reads seven, eight or nine books to Celia all curled up and snuggled in next to her grandmother.

    When Nonna’s memory starts to fail, she moves into a new home where she is safe and cared for and people can help when she forgets things. The new room is bare and grey. It smells funny and has no stove. Celia can no longer stay, as there is only one bed and there is no space for her special cupboard. As she pokes around she finds some paper and pencils and draws the garden at Nonna’s house. Through drawing, Celia finds peace and happiness as she illustrates all the beautiful moments Celia and Nonna have shared.

    With each weekly visit Celia draws a new picture, transforming the once bare, grey walls into an art collection filled with memories, colour and warmth. This new routine erases the funny smells and strangeness of Nonna’s new house and re-establishes the magical bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

    Celia and Nonna is a charming book that will help many families tackle the issues of memory loss and the transition of a grandparent into aged care. The beautiful illustrations by Kayleen West are interspersed with children’s actual artwork, creating an even more personal and warmer layer to this wonderful story.

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