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For Jasper Juggles Jellyfish

Jasper Juggles Jellyfish

By Ben Long & David Cornish

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An octopus called Jasper gives up on learning the basics at school to pursue something he thinks will be more fun.

He soon finds that even fun things can be difficult to learn. But luckily, a smack of jolly jellyfish are there to help him every step of the way.

How many jellyfish do you think Jasper will be able to juggle by the end? Count along!

Maybe he will end up learning the basics without even knowing it!

About Jasper Juggles Jellyfish

From the Author

I love juggling. For many reasons:

  1. Juggling is related to mathematics. When we do maths, we are finding, learning, using, and varying patterns (e.g., number sequences). When juggling three balls, you throw them into the air one after the other in a pattern – Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3, Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3. A juggling trick is achieved by varying the pattern!
  2. Learning to juggle is good for your brain.
  3. Learning to juggle is a great demonstration of the power of persistence (and of taking one step at a time) to achieve your goals. Juggling seems really hard to do at first, but when you learn it step by step, starting with one ball and working your way up to three, you find it’s actually not as hard as it seems! When you learn to juggle, you realise you can do anything when you persist with it and take one step at a time.
  4. Last but not least, it’s fun to learn, fun to do, and fun to do with your friends!

For all of these reasons, I was inspired to write Jasper Juggles Jellyfish, combining juggling, learning, and maths (and a rhyming pattern).

1 review for Jasper Juggles Jellyfish

  1. Izzy Smith

    Jasper Juggles Jellyfish by Ben Long and David Cornish is a fun, colourful story for young readers. Jasper the octopus is attending school – but feels like juggling would be easier than counting! He experiments with juggling (and counting) with the help of his jellyfish friends. The story draws readers in through its use of humour, colourful illustrations and the quirky story line.

    Long’s tale, centred around a juggling octopus and smiley, silly jellyfish is both entertaining and educational, as it’s an amusing way for younger readers to learn about math. Cornish’s illustrations are colourful and very engaging, which adds to the excitement of the story.

    The rhyming is entertaining for young readers, and the silly aspects of the story, like juggling with jellyfish are very comical. The primary school context is relatable for young readers, and the ‘under the sea’ aspect makes it quirky, funny and enjoyable.

    Jasper Juggles Jellyfish is an enjoyable, educative book for young readers. It successfully captures the fun ways in which children can learn through its underwater parallels.

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