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Of Boys and Boats

By Ian Trevaskis


It is 1956 – the year the Olympic Games came to Melbourne. Jack Spiller and his mates are caught up in the excitement, running their own torch relay around the block each night while the Olympic Torch travels to Melbourne.

When Jack and the new kid, Heinrich, discover an unfinished sailboat in the shed of recluse ‘Mad’ Mick Metcalf, Jack’s focus changes. Can he convince Mick to allow them to finish it? Or has the old man been too damaged by the horrors of World War One?

A fast-paced, humorous story about the power of friendship.

About Of Boys and Boats

This is a heart-warming and touching story that explores the deepening relationships that develop between Jack and an embittered old man; while also touching on themes of bullying, loss and grief, ethnic intolerance and personal aspirations. A fast paced, dramatic and humorous story, Of Boys and Boats will take the reader back to a time of youthful innocence and hope, tempered by heartache and loss. A story that promises laugh-out-loud joy and a celebration of life itself.

  • ISBN:9781925804515
  • Publication date:1 September 2020
  • Extent:314
  • Format:B format paperback
  • Age guide: , 12+


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