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By Dimity Powell & Andrew Plant

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Pippa is a little pigeon with big blue-sky ambitions: to fly solo and explore the world beyond her nest. Her parents are less than thrilled with their risk-taking feathered fledging and smother her with well-meant yet suffocating warnings until one day she ignores them all, and takes the leap into the unknown . . . alone.

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  • Publication date:1 July 2019
  • Extent:32
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , 3-6

1 review for Pippa

  1. Dimity Powell

    Pippa is a light-hearted adventure tale about striking out alone, following your dreams and desires and experiencing what it’s like when you get there, perfectly encapsulating the desire many youngsters have for independence whilst gently reminding them about the comfort or coming home.

    Andrew’s striking pictures ably capture all the joie de vivre and drama of Pippa’s solo flight, beautifully accentuating the sometimes misunderstood personality and unique traits of the homing pigeon.

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