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Rockpooling With Pup

By Kevin Brophy & Jules Ober


Mia and Pup go down to the seaside to explore the pools where amazing sea creatures live. They didn’t expect to go on a quest . . .

About Rockpooling With Pup

  • Mia loves to explore, especially down by the sea when the tide is out.
  • Spectacular photography of the sea creatures in tidal pools will bring young readers in close to a strange and startling world just below the surface . . .
  • Not only are these creatures living on the edge, but Mia and Pup are too. They must learn to watch the tides carefully.
  • And they must be careful too of what dangers they face.
  • Publication date:1 August 2022
  • Extent:48
  • Format:Hardcover


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