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Rockpooling With Pup

By Kevin Brophy & Jules Ober

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Mia and Pup go down to the seaside to explore the pools where amazing sea creatures live. They didn’t expect to go on a quest . . .

About Rockpooling With Pup

  • Mia loves to explore, especially down by the sea when the tide is out.
  • Spectacular photography of the sea creatures in tidal pools will bring young readers in close to a strange and startling world just below the surface . . .
  • Not only are these creatures living on the edge, but Mia and Pup are too. They must learn to watch the tides carefully.
  • And they must be careful too of what dangers they face.
  • Publication date:1 August 2022
  • Extent:48
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback

1 review for Rockpooling With Pup

  1. Kody Cook

    Come along with the very adventurous (and very tiny) Mia and her dog Pup, as they explore the Australian rock pools. When the pair encounter a blue-ringed octopus, seemingly without her signature rings, they set off on a quest to find them for her. Their journey takes them deep into the rockpools and close to the ocean, where they encounter many weird and wonderful creatures. A couple of sea critters offer what little guidance they can to the two adventurers, but sadly they return empty handed. Luckily, a know-it-all cormorant tells them why the octopus’ rings can’t always be seen.

    Kevin Brophy’s daring little adventure down into one of the most unique parts of the Australian environment, is achieved with Jules Ober’s stunning photography of the bizarre and beautiful wildlife. With the accompanying page of sea-life facts this book is sure to delight and fascinate readers.

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