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The Vanilla Slice Kid

By Adam Wallace & Jack Wodhams & Tom Gittus

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Archie Cunningham is a shy boy who has three things – incredibly mean and greedy parents, no friends, and an amazing power.

When an uploaded video shows the world what Archie can do, he suddenly becomes the main ingredient in a recipe for world domination.

Which is when the fun really begins!

  • ISBN:9781925272024
  • Publication date:1 October 2015
  • Extent:164
  • Format:B format paperback
  • Genre:
  • Age guide: , 6-10

1 review for The Vanilla Slice Kid

  1. Robyn Donoghue

    The Vanilla Slice Kid by Adam Wallace and Jack Wodhams is a very funny chapter book jammed pack full of humorous illustrations by Tom Gittus. It tells the quirky story of Archie Cunningham who can produce and fire cakes and slices from his palms. He is rescued from his exploitative parents by secret agents Ugh and Ngg and taken to the “Centre” where he befriends other children with unique talents.

    The story is highly amusing and at times bizarre, comparable to David Walliams and a modern Roald Dahl with an exaggerated absurdity similar to Andy Griffiths. The loony General who runs the “Centre” has an incredible array of replacement body parts, accompanied by the most extraordinary combat stories guaranteed to delight and entertain both children and adults alike.

    This is a humorous book full of cooking references and silly puns that kids will love. There is the constant threat that Archie could explode if he creates the world’s most elaborate wedding cake and references throughout to the mysterious I.C.S.I.T.B. Machine. The fast pace, short chapters, madcap plot and wacky characters makes it an inviting book for even the most reluctant readers. This is a great book for younger to middle aged primary school children who love a good laugh.

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