Rufus the Numbat

Rufus the Numbat

by David Miller

Rufus Numbat walks out of the bush at the front of the book back into the bush at the end of the book. Rufus does not care for things of the town like cappuccinos or cream cake, or for the town and its parade and noise. But on his way Rufus startles a cyclist and later a Chinese Dragon creating all sorts of mayhem.
David Miller’s minimalist text contrasts with his detailed paper sculptures set over pen and ink backgrounds.

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ISBN: 978-1-876462-96-3
Publication date: August 2010
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Hardcover
Price: AUD$24.95
Category: Picture book
Age guide: 4-6

ISBN: 9781921665097
Publication date: May 2011
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: AUD$15.95
Category: Picture book
Age guide: 4-6

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About the Author

David Miller was born in Sydney during the second World War. This is his fourteenth picture book and the fifth that he has written. His books are illustrated with photographs of his dramatic, colourful, 3D paper sculptures.


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  • Environment Award 2011