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For Belinda, the Ninja Ballerina

Belinda, the Ninja Ballerina

By Candida Baker & Mitch Vane

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It’s every little girl’s dream to be a ballerina, right? Well, not for Belinda, the ninja ballerina. Enrolled in ballet classes against her will, Belinda would take a headstand over a pirouette any day. But nobody will actually listen to Belinda’s protests that she wants to be a ninja, not a ballerina. That is until Belinda stages a one-girl protest and demands her rights. Her teacher has to put her thinking cap on and finally comes up with a solution that will keep everybody happy.

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1 review for Belinda, the Ninja Ballerina

  1. Emily Meldrum

    We all make decisions for our children by trying to point them in what we think is the ‘right’ direction . . . don’t we?

    Belinda’s mum would agree. Despite Belinda articulating loud and clear that she wants to be a ‘ninja’ Belinda’s mum encourages her to go to ballet. After all, little girls should go to ballet . . . and it helps that her cousin Millie will start, too. As expected, Belinda struggles with the formal requirements of ballet, as her strengths lie in cartwheels and karate type moves – but she doesn’t give up. Trouble arrives as Belinda rehearses for the end-of-term concert. However, with a little creative thought Belinda’s dance teacher adjusts her plans; allowing Belinda to demonstrate her passion and enthusiasm perfectly!

    Here is where the pure delight of this book shines through; it is really okay for little girls to want to be something other than a dainty ballerina. Belinda has clear views on what she wants to do, but are the adults listening? While they are not entirely successful at channelling her in the pretty dresses/frilly princess/ballet dancer direction a happy compromise does eventuate! There are strong themes of individuality and it-is-okay-to-be-different running through the book, beautifully illustrated by Mitch Vane. Vane’s artworks cleverly reflect the headstrong nature of the main character and work with humour alongside the text.

    This picture book is gorgeous! I highly recommend it!

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