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Pirate Gold

By Michael Salmon

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Yo ho ho and a bottle full of fun!

Avast there, me hearties! Join the Piganeers, the most bumbling band of swashbuckling pirates ever to sail the seven seas.

Suffering seaweed! Captain Porker’s treasure is missing, and he’s not happy!

Cover designed by Grant Gittus.

1 review for Pirate Gold

  1. Anastasia Gonis

    Written in delightfully entertaining and clever wordplay, Michael Salmon has carefully constructed the perfect adventure story to delight readers of all ages. His illustrations are detailed, humorous with the characters’ faces saying more than words can. It is fun-filled from the first page of framed pictures introducing the Piganeers and relevant others.

    The Hogwash is anchored off a tropical island under Captain Porker’s orders. The Piganeers are bored. They laze about thinking of Tortuga and home. But someone has stolen the Captain’s treasure and he is fiercely angry. There are quite a few suspects including the bumbling Piganeers.

    How has it happened and where is the treasure now? The Piganeers must swim for their lives with sharks biting at their heels after they admit to a prank on the Captain. But that doesn’t solve the mystery which Captain Porker is determined to get to the bottom of.

    This is an adventure with pig pirates as the main characters, pirate treasure, and robbers of various animal origins making a brief appearance, plus a mystery to be solved. From the characters’ names to every measured word and illustration, Michael Salmon always produces a unified blend of picture and text.

    Both front and back covers depict the so-called cut-throat characters and their ship in full colour, with Captain Porker in the forefront on the front cover with his misplaced map finally in his grasp. There is also a template to photocopy and use for those who love colouring in.

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