Dragon Apocolypse

Dragon Apocalypse

It’s Lord of the Rings in an overcrowded city!

By DC Green

‘Yo, creepy two-leggers. I’m Bruce, the giant spiderkilling machine and comedian for hire. Hear my words and vibrate with terror. Dragons are doomed!
Magic ditto!! The City of Monsters is CARKING!!!
‘But all ain’t lost. My Dead Gang buds can save the world’s vibrating butt. That is, if we can survive:
* a brainwashed grommet king!
* a webbing SNAKE GOD!

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ISBN: 9781925272680
Publication date: Sept 1 2018
Extent: 358 pages (est)
Format: B format paperback
Price: AUD$19.95
Category: Fantasy
Age guide: 10+


DC Green

About the Author

DC Green has had five children’s books published. And there are always more books coming soon!! DC is also an award-winning fiction and non-fiction writer who has written over 2,000 articles for 50 plus magazines and newspapers around the world, an adult graphic novel and contributed to a dozen anthologies. He lives on the NSW South Coast with one slightly crazy daughter and three very crazy cats. He continues to surf with high zeal and low skill. 

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