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Monster School

By DC Green

Book 1 in City of Monsters

(2 customer reviews)


‘Beware! You are entering The City of Monsters.
All tourists will be eaten. Have a nice day!’

PT, the Swamp Boy, is terrified. During his first class at Monster School, mafia goblins threaten to murder him. He is saved by the meanest monsters in school:

  • A vampire with attitude!
  • A socially-challenged zombie!
  • A giant spider called Bruce!

Now PT is really sweating. If the Dead Gang learns his secret, he’ll spin on a kebab stick before recess. Imagine what will happen if the dragon finds out!

‘A wild, wise-cracking ride.’ – Ian Irvine

Cover designed by Grant Gittus & Danny Willis.

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2 reviews for Monster School

  1. Ashley

    Monster School is an explosive story about a human prince living in a world of monsters; a world where humans are the endangered species. After finding out that the royal coffers were running short, Prince Thomas makes it his mission to retrieve the 512 years of unpayed taxes from the almighty dragon Kalthazari.

    I loved the monster gang consisting of a mummy, a vampire, a giant spider, a goblin a zombie, a shape-shifter, and Prince Thomas as they worked together to reach the dragon and save humanity from debt.

    I really enjoyed the humour in this book and the personality of each of the characters. In my opinion, definetely worth the read.
    Recommended for children ages 9+ to get the full extent of this awesome story.

  2. Jenny Mounfield

    The year is several hundred years in our future and humankind has dwindled, allowing monster-kind to flourish and become the dominant species. Sixteen year-old, Thomas Regus is one of the last humans alive—and the only heir to Castle Monstro’s throne. Ten years ago the royal family was attacked by vampire assassins who kidnapped his father and brother and left his mother a mere shell of her former self. Since then, Thomas has been under the misguidance of Lord Boron and the protection of an ogre bodyguard named, Erica.

    “Right now Erica’s pungency dominated: a heady combination of leather, sweat, oiled steel and hippocow mince. My bodyguard frowned beside me, letting me know for the fiftieth time that she was nowhere near the happiness neighbourhood.”

    Promising his near comatose mother that he’ll fight to regain what they’ve lost, Thomas executes a plan to leave the castle disguised as a swamp creature so that he may learn something of the world beyond—a world Lord Boron has cunningly denied him. What he learns is that those who should be trustworthy may not be, and that life is so much more interesting when one has friends.

    “The classroom was a flattened sphere built by giant ants—50 times larger than any space I’d ever seen. The combination of overheard fluorescent bulbs and randomly floating jack-o’-lanterns cast thousands of creepy, shifting shadows.”

    Enrolling in monster school, Thomas—now PT the swamp boy—is accepted by a group of misfit monsters that calls itself, the Dead Gang. Thomas’ plan goes swimmingly until he is outted as a human—one of monster-kind’s favourite food groups. Staying off the Dead Gang’s menu and winning back their trust will, however, prove to be the least of Thomas’ problems.

    Monster School: The City of Monsters is a rollicking read, filled with snappy dialogue and wonderfully witty characters that illustrator, Willis has captured to a ‘T’. The transition that sees Thomas leave the castle and attend monster school for the first time could have been handled better. I was confused and had to backtrack, certain I’d missed something. I hadn’t. Some forty pages later readers are finally given an explanation. I’m happy to say this is the story’s only glitch. In true Ford Street style, this latest addition to their catalogue is a beautifully illustrated and tightly-woven read that will find a loyal legion of fans.

    DC Green is author of the popular, Erasmus James series. To find out more visit: dcgreenyarns.blogspot.com

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