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By Andrew Plant

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Stumpy is a Quig, a remarkable little creature living in the soaring towers of an alien city. Quigs are daredevils, acrobats and fearless leapers. But not Stumpy. He is different – he looks different, and he most certainly feels different. Mocked and bullied, Stumpy finally decides to take a leap of faith – but has he jumped too far?

About Jump!

Book Themes:

Self-esteem: Stumpy’s inability to do what his siblings can makes him feel marginalised and depressed.

Bullying: The other Quigs continually mock and disparage Stumpy, labelling him a coward.

Acceptance of disabilities: Stumpy is, in his world, disabled, having only a short tail and flimsy fins, which prevent him from joining his siblings in their activities.

Determination and resilience: Rather than giving up, the bullying that Stumpy experiences encourages him to try harder. Crucially, after discovering his abilities, Stumpy does not seek acceptance from his tormentors, but lives his life on his own terms.

  • Publication date:1 March 2020
  • Extent:32
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , 4-8

1 review for Jump!

  1. Jeffrey Mango

    I absolutely loved this story about Stumpy, a fictional creature called a Quig. The story teaches the lesson of using difference to excel in the face of adversity. This is a richly illustrated book that will appeal to young readers and parents alike.

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