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Speck of the Stars

By Henry Boffin

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Raised by utility robots on board the Grand Orbital Library, twelve-year-old orphan Speck’s days are spent serving the spaceship’s exotic guests. At night, he dreams of exploring the Universe.

But when a mysterious creature known only as the Starchild arrives from the fringes of deep space, everything changes.

Now, Speck must uncover the creature’s secret before it’s too late. A secret that, if unleashed, could destroy the entire Universe . . .

  • ISBN:9781922696106
  • Publication date:1 September 2022
  • Extent:264
  • Format:B format paperback
  • Age guide: , 9-13

1 review for Speck of the Stars

  1. Palmina Vilone

    From debut author Henry Boffin comes the fantastic sci-fi Speck of the Stars, an out of this world story following a human child raised by utility bots on a satellite orbiting an alien planet.

    Speck, an orphan, finds himself at the centre of disaster when he releases a mysterious prisoner known only as the ‘Starchild’. Accompanied by a small security bot called Nuis, Speck must leave the only home he has ever known in order to save the galaxy from destruction. An adventure through the stars, Speck finds unlikely accomplices and faces not only enemies, but his own self-doubts.

    Henry Boffin has created a world that is vivid and rich in its detail. The world building is intricate enough to create lifelike characters, while also remaining simplistic and direct in the overall narrative. What makes Speck of the Stars so engaging is the way the author has not shied away from the element of physics so present within the book. Boffin has ensured a high level of detail that does not assume the reader is without knowledge on such topics. This makes for a realistic and well thought out read. Although intended for younger readers, the novel is presented in a way that ensures confidence in the audience, it does not talk down or over simplify such matters.

    Speck is a fleshed-out character not without flaws. It is for this reason he is not only relatable, but enjoyable. Younger readers will be completely enthralled by his resilience and bravery.

    With a cast of furry little aliens, space pirates, and planet-sized worms, Speck of the Stars is a fantastic read, one that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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