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Tarni’s Chance

By Paul Collins & Jules Ober

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When Tarni’s mum says goodbye, all the colour and joy of life seem to go with her. Tarni retreats into her bubble. But then Chance steps in . . .

About Tarni’s Chance

  • A moving story about loneliness and loss, and the life- changing power of friendship and empathy
  • Beautifully illustrated with evocative, handmade miniatures and photography by internationally award- winning artist Jules Ober
  • A sensitive exploration of social themes such as family breakdown, self-doubt, anxiety and resilience
  • Striking design featuring a changing palette reflecting the main character’s journey from darkness to light
  • Publication date:1 July 2022
  • Extent:32
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , 5+

1 review for Tarni’s Chance

  1. Kody Cook

    Tarni’s Chance is a story about loss and loneliness. It handles a number of fairly mature ideas such as grief, depression, isolation, and broken homes and families. Despite this it’s a hopeful and uplifting story.

    Tarni, the protagonist, retreats into the safety of her mental ‘bubble’ when things get hard. When her mum leaves and doesn’t come back, she starts to spend all her time inside the bubble. It’s only thanks to a chance encounter with a stray dog (pun intended), that colour returns to her world.

    Tarni’s journey is depicted by Jules Ober who uses charming little figurines and sets to photograph the scenes of the story. Clever use of colour is used to represent Tarni’s bubble and depression. She is shown as existing inside a small circle of colour in an otherwise monochromatic world. The bubble also gradually gets small as Tarni’s loneliness threatens to overwhelm her. Even outside of the bubble, Tarni is never shown interacting with anyone else and always seems to remain apart from anyone around her. Eventually the bubble shrinks to nothing when Chance runs away from her, showing that she’s lost her last ray of hope.

    But thankfully, Chance returns and when he comes up to Tarni colour floods out from her to fill the world once again. The story shows that just a lucky encounter can be enough to turn things around, especially if one holds on to hope, however small.

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