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The Rabbit’s Magician

By Shae Millward & Andy Fackrell

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Ziggy’s beloved magician has performed an amazing disappearing trick. But just where is The Amazing Albertino?

Ziggy waits.

And waits some more.

Has something gone wrong with the trick?

About The Rabbit’s Magician

  • Themes of love, loss and comfort.
  • A gentle story on a sensitive subject.
  • Inspired by a scientific principle: The Law of Conservation of Energy.
  • Contains references to and representations of the moon and its phases.
  • Offers comfort to those who have lost a loved one – person or animal.
  • Includes Australian animals.
  • Links to the curriculum [STEM/STEAM, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, etc].
  • Publication date:1 August 2022
  • Extent:32
  • Format:Hardcover, Paperback
  • Age guide: , 3-8 years

1 review for The Rabbit’s Magician

  1. Kody Cook

    The Rabbit’s Magician is a warm little tale about Ziggy the rabbit. Assistant to a skilled and famous magician known as The Amazing Albertino, Ziggy becomes worried when Albertino seems to have performed a daring new trick, disappearing himself!

    Soft and adorable illustrations by Andy Fackrell show as Ziggy is approached by a handful of iconic Australian animals, to whom he explains that he is waiting for Albertino to come back. That is until the wise old owl comes along to help Ziggy understand where his beloved magician might have gone.

    Shae Millward explores the loss of a loved one in a subtle yet uncomplicated way that makes the book highly accessible to younger audiences. It does so using the physics concept commonly known as the ‘conservation of mass’. It explains the idea that nothing ever truly vanishes it simply changes into something else. Through this lens, the book focuses on finding comfort and closure in the memory of a person and in the things that remind one of them. It’s a sweet little book that might be able to offer some comfort to those who have lost someone dear to them.

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