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For Grace’s Mystery Seed

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Grace’s Mystery Seed

By Juliet M. Sampson & Karen Erasmus

(13 customer reviews)


‘Polly likes these stripy seeds,’ Grace said.
‘What are they from?’
‘Let’s find out,’ said Mrs Marino.

Grace and her neighbour plant a mystery seed. They wait and wait for ages. Then a little green shoot starts to grow . . . and grow . . . and grow . . . until, at last, Grace discovers the truth about her amazing mystery seed.

About Grace’s Mystery Seed

Inspiration from the author Juliet M Sampson:

Grace’s Mystery Seed was inspired by my love of sunflowers. Years ago, a famous writer gave me a seed to plant. I had never been a gardener and was wondering how I would manage to do this task. I enjoyed caring for this seedling and this is where the inspiration for Grace’s Mystery Seed started.

Being a primary teacher, I know how inquisitive children can be. In my early years classroom, I would have students asking questions all the time. I love when this happens. It creates a sense of wonder, growth and understanding, three of many themes in Grace’s Mystery Seed. I hope people will enjoy the book and that the story will touch the hearts of those who read it.

13 reviews for Grace’s Mystery Seed

  1. Sophie Lettas

    Beautiful book, amazing illustrations and so well written.

  2. Sharon Thompson

    Read this book to my niece who was thoroughly enchanted. We now have some mystery seeds growing in our garden. A book that sparks the imagination.

  3. Gina Newton

    Grace’s Mystery Seed is one of those rare children’s books that creates life-long memories. It’s a wonderful story of intrigue and shared community that also inspires a keen interest and respect for nature. That’s definitely something kids need more of in this modern age of technical gadgets and staying indoors too much. An added benefit – young readers may be inspired to grow their own mystery seed!

  4. Elizabeth Asher

    This is a timeless book about different generations sharing the joy of gardening. It is well written and beautifully illustrated.

  5. Debbie Packham

    It is a really well written, (and beautifully illustrated) story of the cycle of life, and interactions with neighbours and other people. I love it.

  6. Elly Portanier

    Love this book, it’s very well written and beautifully illustrated. The involvement of the senior lady teaching the young ones about nature and patience is beautifully explained. Happy to give this book to my grandchildren,which am sure they will enjoy.

  7. Ash

    Amazing book, exceptionally written, very well illustrated. So much talent in one book. I never had an interest in gardening before but this book has changed that! The story behind this book is amazing! Well done!

  8. Lochlainn Heley

    Grace’s Mystery Seed is a picture book celebrating the wonders of exploration and mystery for children in the outdoors.

    Grace enjoys playing in the garden of her favourite neighbour, Mrs. Marino and exploring the fruit trees, veggie parch and goldfish pond. While helping catch snails and pick fruit, Grace discovers a mysterious seed and together with Mrs. Marino decide to plant it (rather than feeding it to Polly).

    ‘Polly likes these stripy seeds,’ Grace said. ‘What are they from?’
    ‘Let’s find out,’ said Mrs Marino.
    Karen Erasmus captures the wonder of the outdoors only fully seen by children in her detailed paint artwork of lush trees, deep rippling ponds and bright plants. With story by Juliet M Sampson, the two present a book which asks children to find the growing wonder found in the outdoors.

  9. Dimity Powell

    This simple tale of working together, community spirit, nature and patience, coupled with Erasmus’ fresh and flowery illustrations ensures a satisfying encounter with the cyclical side of life and reflects the rich diversity of not only a suburban garden but also society as a whole. This story is a perfect vehicle for discussion about discovery, patience, nature and new beginnings. See my full review at: DIM’S re VIEWS http://dimswritestuff.blogspot.com/2019/04/book-bites-hunting-for-perfect-easter.html

  10. Melody Hayes

    My daughter and I were so fortunate to have been gifted this beautiful book just as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lucía an avid book reader was enchanted with the story and eager to plant our sunflower seeds too!

  11. Melissa Thompson

    Grace’s Mystery Seed is a delightful book. It celebrates childhood curiosity, and how answers can be left to reveal themselves over time. To find out where it came from, Grace must nurture her seed, and wait for it to grow. Like Mrs Marino, who offers Grace experiential learning in her garden, this book provides learning opportunities for children. The different types of plants that grow from seeds, and why sunflowers are named such. The book inspires children to explore the natural world and reminds adults that there are teaching moments all through days spent with little ones. Beautiful illustrations to match a lovely story, which grows and unfurls slowly, just like a sunflower.

  12. Rachael Hearn

    Love this book! It’s a great Children’s book and inspired to write a shirt story but what happened with the Sunflower I grew at the Nursery I work at with my children! Juliet is such a lovely author!

  13. Emma Counsell

    A charming story about a girl who plants a mysterious seed, igniting a journey of wonder and discovery. Readers will feel her anticipation and excitement as she tends to its needs.

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