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Snake Surprise!

By J.E. Fison

Hazard River

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It’s a boring wet day on Hazard River until Jack Wilde and his friends find a note on an abandoned boat. The message is damaged but they can all read the words HELP ME. The gang must find out who needs help and why. But as they get closer to the answer, will they be the ones who need help?

Cover designed by Grant Gittus.

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1 review for Snake Surprise!

  1. Jenny Mounfield

    In book two in the Hazard River series we find the kids holed up playing board games one rainy day when they spot an untethered houseboat surging down the river on a collision course with Mimi’s parents’ yacht. What else can the flummoxed foursome do but spring into action?

    Convinced the boat’s owner has been poisoned by a rotten-toothed glass eye-wearing villain and that there is treasure to be found, Ben insists on searching the abandoned craft. They find is a note bearing the words: HELP ME and what follows is more mystery, mayhem and, as its title suggests, a snake.

    While 10 year old narrator Jack comes across as being a little too mature at times–and some of his expressions are truly corny—he is a character readers will relate to. So, too, are his dead critter collector brother, Ben, daredevil Lachlan and level-headed Mimi. Written in a light, humorous style with covers that are bright and busy, short chapters, snappy dialogue and plenty of action, these books with attract even the most reluctant reader. With two more titles to come: Tiger Terror and Bat Attack, I can see this series being popular with action-seeking kids 7+.

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